Doom no

No one told me Doom likes to dance.

Doom excels in interpretive dance as he does in all things.



Doom no

No one told me Doom likes to dance.

Doom excels in interpretive dance as he does in all things.

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They all have the shittiest heroines imaginable, and not in the, “Scarlett O’Hara is a petty bitch but her character is meant to be that way,” manner. Many people want to cry out and proclaim that these various books raise up the female community in empowerment; we are sexual beings and we are…

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Is that some fancy robot way of asking what time it is?

Is that some fancy robot way of asking what time it is?

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helm-of-awe said: just so you know... I put a space in there. It's probably obvious but yeah.

I don’t even

Pokemon White: Day Something Something! Return of the Trainer!

I don’t think I’ve posted in about a week… Two? TWO AND A HALF? HOLY SHIT!

So, I haven’t posted, but I have been playing. I don’t think a whole lot worth detailing has happened in the past few short sessions, but lets see!

 I entered the cave on Route 6 and BAM! NINJAS! Shadow Triad shows up and lets me know what I’m the trainer that N is scared of. Oh, and this cave? Chargestone Cave. Its pretty cool, rocks float around, Klink and Tynamos hang out here. blah blah.

I reach the end of the cave, after dispatching several Plasma Grunts on the way and find N. He basically says the same thing he said last time about how Pokémon should be free, how can mine be happy while they’re enslaved, maybe he’s missing something, and finally, “Boy, I sure would like a Reshiram” (paraphrased). We battle and he shows me his collection of stuff he just found in Chargestone Cave. I use Emboar to walk right through it all. Or rather FLAMING FUCKING BELLYFLOP!

N leaves, Bianca and Juniper shows up. Juniper mentions that she doesn’t understand N’s point of view and points out that she’s probably not his favorite person since she’s a Pokémon Professor. 

Bianca is going to be her bodyguard still too. Dandy.

Let’s go, Mistralton!

Entering the small town, there isn’t a whole lot to do so I hit the gym pretty quickly. Archeops hits the gym even quicker and, thanks to his Rock typing, slams the whole gym.

Route 7 is some acrobatics, running along suspended poles, battling clowns. Twist Mountain is… twisty and mountainous. Pop out in Icirrus and Emboar gives Brycen the business with his homeboy Escavalier backing him up. Then we ALL run to Dragonspiral Tower, where Giallo sics his henchmen on Cheren and I. I’m running to the top of the tower, when suddenly…!

I save and turn the game off. I had to head into work. Apologies for this post being to short and vague, but this way everything else is covered and I get back to more detailed posts for smaller time spans.

Everyones about level 40 meaning I have Krookodile and Emboar. I also dropped Gigalith for a Dratini who is already a Dragonair! 

Pokemon White Day 7!: Coolers, Cowboys and Cop-Outs!

Not much has happened since my last post. Which is disappointing because I was sort of expecting something like “AND THIS HAPPENED AND I WAS LIKE WHOAAAAAAAAA!! AND THEN! THEN! ITS LIKE BSSSHHHHHHHKKKKKKKKKKPAPOWPAPOW!!!”

That’s not what this post will be.

My visit to the desert resort was interesting. I caught a few Pokémon, battled some dudes and found some cool stuff, including the Plume fossil. I chose the Plume fossil in my Black version, but 1) Archen is super cool and 2) Tirtouga is super uncool.

Onward to Driftveil City! First thing I notice is that Driftveil has the coolest music so far of any of the cities. I poke around door to door, checking trashcans as I usually do. But this time, I FOUND A PP UP IN A TRASHCAN!!! Which only means I’m going to check every trashcan for the rest of the game.

Time to explore the Cold Storage and battle a bunch of workers who apparently have no idea there’s a weird guy and his goon squad hiding within. I find the group and Cheren and I trash his crew of 8 Grunts. My battles were elegant and brutal at the same time, I can only assume Cheren’s were uncouth and foppish. 

And the Sages name? Zinzolin. Which I can’t read or even hear without thinking of Hadji from Jonny Quest. Sim sim salabim!

Anyway, Clay, the gym leader shows up, arrests everyone and challenges me to his gym. He’s a cowboy, a cop AND a gym leader? Tarnation!

Naturally, I oblige and head to the gym. Working my way down to Clay (literally, via elevators) and we battle! Unfortunately for this cowboy, it wasn’t my first rodeo and my homeboy Krokorok handled his Excadrill. He couldn’t handle my Swagger.

I’m awarded the gym badge, but when it comes time for my TM that Krokorok was so anxiously thrashing his pokémon for… Clay says “Naw, theres something I want from you first. Meet me outside the old cave on Route 6.”

Hmmm. Sounds kinda… creepy. But I guess we’ll see at the beginning of the next post!

My team is basically the same too, just a bit closer to a solid level 30 average. 

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Just reblogging this because I relate to it so much. This happens whenever I can’t find anything at all.


Just reblogging this because I relate to it so much. This happens whenever I can’t find anything at all.

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Pokemon White: Day 6! King Plasma and the ferris wheel!

Apparently Cheren follows my Tumblr, most likely in the creepiest way possible. Because after my last post, I walked through the gate to Route 4 and he was waiting right there.

In the middle of a fucking sandstorm.

Wanting a battle.

I half expected his opening phrase to be “I heard what you said.” with his jonnies in a rufflet.

So, we battle, he loses, gets mad, leaves. No problem! I blow straight through Route 4 because damn it, Jim, I’m a Pokémon Trainer not an exploratorer.

Into Nimbasa City, I run into my old friends Team Plasma Goon #1 and #2 and they’re hassling the old man who runs the Day Care! No one roughs up the guy who lets my Ditto slut around for 55 levels! Nobody! Quick battle, the goons split and the old man says something along the lines of inviting a Ditto to slut around for 55 levels or something. Thanks, you old pervert! (Note to self: Get that man a Ditto.)

Wander, wander, wander. Musical! I dress my Pignite up in a top hat, bow tie and cane before realizing “dress-up =\= Pokémon battle, no battle = no XP” and leaving. My mind is a complex device. Admittedly, my Pignite was ready for a night on the town as a dapper gentleman, that’s for damn sure. Back to business!

Wandering into the amusement park I meet another old Plasma friend, but this time it’s N. He mutters a bit about how Pokémon should be free worldwide and he plans to use power to become the Champion then releasing everyones Pokémon, which I wasn’t aware was in the Champions jurisdiction. I don’t think it is. But THEN he mentions how he’s the king of Team Plasma. The KING! I find that hard to believe without a King Hat. (Ref:—tompkins/videos/paul-f—tompkins—-king-hat/)

I assume he brings that up whenever he’s in meetings with the Seven Sages, and they all agree, then wink to eachother slyly, elbowing and snickering. 

So the Plasma King and I take a little trip on the Ferris Wheel, and it’s romantic and all, but I needed to get going… BUT WAIT! Plasma Goons! And N challenges me to a battle to allow their escape. Hold on… Why are… I think I missed… We were just talking about… Whatever, fuck you, N. Battle, battle, fight, fight. N leaves and I check out the gym. 

Elesa was pretty tough, and was definitely a cool themed gym, but Sandile don’t take no shit from Electric types.

After beating Elesa, having finished everything in Nimbasa City, we head out AND HOLY SHIT CHEREN IS WAITING FOR ME OUTSIDE AGAIN!

After the battle he says something like “Oh, you won again?!”. Yep, I did. I’m going to keep doing it too, welcome to a supporting role.

Driftveil Bridge (or “The Charizard Bridge” as the locals call it. ಠ_ಠ) is lowered by Clay on the other side so I can head west, and I do. Caught myself a Ducklett on the way and traded for an Escavalier before I left Nimbasa. 

I get almost across the bridge before I’m reminded “Desert Resort?”…


So, I am currently heading through that, leveling up my Ducklett and Escavalier. I suppose the timing is good enough.

Stupid pile of dirt.

Next stop?  Driftveil City!

Roster got a bit of a change-up too:

 Pignite lvl26
 Sandile lvl 28
 Gigalith lvl27
 Solosis lvl27
 Escavalier lvl25
 Ducklett lvl24 

Pokemon White: Day 5! PlasBad!

Welcome to Castellia City! Home to alleyways, art galleries and probably the most disturbing gym in all of the Pokéworld.

My first thought entering the city is “Okay, theres got to be A MILLION things to do and I need to DO THEM ALL. DO ALL THE THINGS! HOLY SHIT! DO MORE THINGS!”

Lets check the gym… Oh! Cheren!

"I beat the gym leader. I’m going to beat all the gym leaders in Unova, then challenge the Elite Four and become the Champion. Then everyone will see what a strong trainer I am and they’ll have to admit it." (paraphrased, as usual)

       You kind of freak me out. Take it down a couple notches, bro.

A little weirded out by Cheren, but no problem though, exploring here and there, breaking and entering as per my usual and voila! Nice new things. Exp. Share, Amulet Coin, a Grass Stone for my homie Pansage, some okay TMs and story! Going into the gym, I’m stopped by Burgh who tells me Plasma has stolen someones Pokémon and we need to check it out.

Oh ho ho, its Bianca! Hi-larious. On top of that, its a Munna. They stole a damn Munna. I’m immediately inclined to not help, because I dislike Bianca almost as much as I don’t like Munna. But a heroes job is never done and we pursue the fetus-snatchers into their hideout… across the street from the gym. PRETTY CLEVER, GUYS!

Prior to entering though, theres a short battle versus a Plasma Grunt who, after being oh-so-promptly dealt with, points out that Trainers like me are bad for Team Plasma. “PlasBad” for short and for that portmanteau, he will die slowly.

Moving on, we’re greeted by our lumpy old friends from the Seven Sages. Ghetsis and Burgh have a dialogue where Burgh points out how they’re only going to make the relationships between Pokémon and their trainers stronger to which Ghetsis replies “Aww hell, logic? Yeah, lets blow this Casteliacone stand, boys!” (paraphrased). So, Ghetsis, another Sage I can only assume is Gorm and his newest homeboy, Bronius, skedaddle. Munna is returned, and I am the hero once again.

Cut to: Our hero emerging from the membrane encrusted gym with a shiny new badge and TM, answering his Xtransciever.

"Hello! This is Bianca! I know I just got embarassed by nameless goons and had my stupid fetus Pokémon stolen, but I think I can take you in a Pokémon battle. Lets meet at the north gate!"

After her defeat, Bianca calls into question everything about her journey so far, but she’s pretty happy with all the people she’s met and something something journeys/experiences. Sorry toots, being a badass Pokémon battler is just not everyone’s calling.

Onward and Northwards to Route 4 and the next stop!

Current Roster:
Roggenrola lvl22
Sandile lvl22
Pansage lvl21
Solosis lvl24 (Thanks Exp. Share!)
Pignite lvl22
Tranquill lvl22 

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